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Genre matters in vocabulary calculations—check out the chart below, which takes random samples of 35, words from rock, country, and hip hop. That said, the results are still directionally interesting.

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When I first published this analysis, I excluded Aesop Rock, figuring he was too obscure. The Reddit hip-hop community was in an uproar, claiming that Aesop would absolutely be 1. Sure enough, Aesop Rock is well above every artist in the dataset, and I was obliged to add him to the chart.

He and Aesop Rock are the only rappers with more than 7, unique words in their first 35, lyrics. Wu-Tang Clan at 5 is impressive given that 10 members, with vastly different styles, equally contribute lyrics. Each word is counted once, so pimps , pimp , pimping , and pimpin are four unique words. To avoid issues with apostrophes e. Hip hop is full of slang that is hard to transcribe e. Growing up, there was never any doubt Miller was musically gifted.

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At the age of six, he taught himself how to play piano, drums, bass, and guitar. He used to have this sleeveless Ja Rule shirt. It was pretty awesome. I fell in love with writing verses. I had this dresser in my basement, and it was filled with so many verses, it was ridiculous.

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Whatever that means, it was the first sign of an unquenchable thirst for rhyming. He became less enthralled with school and more obsessed with hip-hop once he realized his aim in life was to become a rapper. At first, his focus was all over the place due to his unruly lifestyle. All of my friends were older than me.

I used to be at parties in middle school. We used to be those assholes that would break and steal stuff. We were those guys.

9 Ways Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Control’ Verse Changed the World

Instead, we would kick it in the attic, do drugs, and write raps. After officially changing his name to Mac Miller in , he released two more mixtapes, The Jukebox: When we started getting offers from people, I used to bring it to them. I had known them for three years before we even worked together. When I was about to put out K. For most teenagers, this would seem like an appropriate time to explode with anticipation, but Miller was practically unfazed. For him, this was always the plan and how his life was supposed to go.

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By the time I was seventeen, I started to get a little buzz, so I barely went to school. My teachers were pretty cool though. At my school, you could basically choose if you wanted to learn or not. Senior year, I had an apartment right across the street from school. I would go to class sometimes, sometimes not. I barely finished at the end. I was pretty intelligent, so I was okay just getting by with the bare minimum. With his high school diploma firmly in hand, Miller was now free to devote all of his time to his career.

Along with Grinberg and Rostrum vice president Arthur Pitt, he had a solid strategy for how to execute his first official full-length.

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So when Blue Slide Park dropped on November 8, , the chaos that ensued was anticipated. Again, Miller stayed grounded. A lot of kids liked me because I was the underdog. I was just like one of you guys that liked to make music. So I think they kind of just supported me because it was direct from me to the fan, so they went out and bought like nine or ten albums. They knew that I needed it. He has support from his musical peers too. Bruner naturally gravitated towards Miller during a chance encounter and discovered Mac had been playing secret jazz shows in L.

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Mac is one of the tightest rappers I know and just an all-around cat. No one could predict what followed. He released his seventh mixtape in called Macadelic. While on tour in support of the album, Miller experienced a bout with substance abuse that had many of his close friends and family members concerned.