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VLC for Mac OS X

You may not see any other symptoms until it is fully failing such as not able to startup the computer, the computer clock goes back to or Make sure if your machine is over 4 years old, this battery is replaced every 4 years. Jun 13, 7: I can't find anything actually called VideoLan Client.

But I imagine you mean VLC.

That is what I am using see my original post. PRAM battery: I had my computer serviced two years ago, and I am pretty sure that the PRAM battery would have been replaced then. I did so succesfully, but this did not cure the problem. I then tried to update to an even more recent firmware version and made a mistake, which has left my internal drive inoperative.

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Communities Contact Support. Sign in. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: Michael Graubart Michael Graubart. This was an interesting challenge and I figured I should explore the issue further, knowing that Mac OS X is designed for network installations, etc. I suspected that this should be possible, even if not fully supported by Apple. But of course I would definitely need to be able to use an external drive as a bootable device and somehow run the installation from there.

By default, Mac OS X Now, when Mac OS X It is still mentioned on this page. The option might still be available somewhere, but Apple is obviously not putting much effort into making it available to their customers.

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So, what to do? Based on my research online, in such a situation there are two options. One is to boot from the system disk on a machine that has an internal DVD drive such as a laptop and then boot the target machine in Target Disk mode and plug it into the other machine as an external drive, using the external drive as the destination volume for the system installation.

I was looking for a more convenient option. The other option that I found during my research is to use an iPod as the system installation disk. I found this tip , which summarily described the procedure required to turn the iPod into such a system installation disk.

VLC for tiger? | MacRumors Forums

The tip did not provide all the required information and I had to make several attempts before succeeding, so I thought I would share the additional information here. The operation failed and left the iPod in an unusable state. It would no longer mount or show up in Disk Utility.

I suspect the failure might have had to do with the fact that iTunes was up and running at the time.

Installing Mac OS X 10.4.x Tiger on a Mac without a DVD player

It seems to me that, when an iPod is connected to your machine and iTunes is running, there can sometimes be problems with using the iPod as an external drive in the Finder or in Disk Utility. In any case, I ended up using iTunes to restore the iPod to its factory defaults, and then I quit iTunes altogether. The iPod was still mounted as an external drive.

I simply moved on to the next step, which was to create a disk image of the Mac OS X What the tip mentioned above does not tell you is that there are only certain types of disk images that work for this purpose.

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Save the image as read-only or compressed. It does not seem to make any difference in Mac OS X As far as I can tell, in spite of what the Disk Utility interface implies, this particular tab has nothing to do with which volume is currently selected in the list of volumes on the left-hand side. This command performs checks that are described in detail in the man page for asr.

They are required. I was able to use it to install Mac OS X It went without a hitch. As far as I can tell, the iPod is still usable as an iPod, i.

Older versions of Mac OS X and VLC media player

Both functions can coexist on the iPod, as long as you have enough room. The Mac OS X This entry was posted by Pierre Igot on Tuesday, August 26th, at