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I had bought a new Mac Pro, so I wanted to import some of those songs into the iTunes. I have connected the iPod with a computer, iTunes opened, so I have highlighted wanted iPod songs and tried to drag them into Mac Pro's iTunes list. It does not work. So I double clicked on iPod icon on the desktop, hoping to drag folder with all that iPods music to my desktop.

So I am wondering. Is there any way, how to import songs, or any file, from the iPod to the computer?

Best Ways to Transfer Music from iPod to Mac Easily

More Less. All replies Drop Down menu. Loading page content. Zevoneer Zevoneer. You'll find details in this article: Apple chose to hide the folders that contain an iPod's media files, but you can easily make these hidden folders visible by using Terminal, the command line interface included with OS X. The two lines you enter into Terminal will allow the Finder to display all of the hidden files on your Mac. The first line tells the Finder to display all files, regardless of how the hidden flag is set.

The second line stops and restarts the Finder, so the changes can take effect. You may see your desktop disappear and reappear when you execute these commands; this is normal. Now that you've told the Finder to display all hidden files, you can use it to locate your media files and copy them to your Mac. The Music folder contains your music as well as any movie or video files you copied to your iPod.

Part 2. Transfer Music from iPod touch to iTunes on Mac with iTunes

You may be surprised to discover that the folders and files in the Music folder aren't named in any easily discernable manner. The folders represent your various playlists; the files in each folder are the media files, music, audio books, podcasts, or videos associated with that particular playlist.

How to Transfer Music from iPod to iTunes on Mac - 2 Ways!

Fortunately, even though the file names don't contain any recognizable information, the internal ID3 tags are all intact. As a result, any application that can read ID3 tags can sort the files out for you. Not to worry; iTunes can read ID3 tags, so you need look no further than your own computer. The easiest way to do this is to use the Finder to drag and drop the files to an appropriate location.

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I recommend copying them to a new folder on your desktop. The Finder will start the file copying process. This may take a while, depending on the amount of data on the iPod. Go have coffee or lunch, if you have tons of files.

How to Transfer Music from Computer iTunes to iPhone iPad iPod - Mac

When you come back, proceed to the next step. At this point, you have successfully recovered your iPod's media files and copied them to a folder on your Mac. The next step is to use the Add to Library command in iTunes to add the files to iTunes. You may run into one strange little quirk, depending on which iPod you have and which version of iTunes you're using. Occasionally when the Add to Library command is used on recovered iPod files, iTunes won't be able to see the media files inside the music folder that you copied from your iPod, even though you can see them just fine in the Finder.

How to Free Transfer iPod Music to Mac Easily via SynciOS Free iPod Music Transfer?

To work around this problem, simply create a new folder on your desktop, then copy the individual music files from the iPod Recovered folder to the new folder. For example, inside your iPod Recovered folder or whatever you chose to call it may be a series of folders called F00, F01, F02, etc.

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Copy the BBOV. Generally, iTunes is the commonest method for iOS users to transfer music from iPhone, iPod, iPad to Mac, but sometimes, complicated iTunes makes it a little bit trickier to transfer iPod music to Mac, so you will find some discussions on Apple Support Communities such as thread free software to transfer music from iPod to Mac.

How to Transfer Music from iPod touch to iTunes on Mac

Well, here is a nice free software introduced for you to easily transfer iPod music to Mac. Syncios Free iPod Music Transfer is such a great helper which enables you to free transfer music from iPod to Mac in one click. Besides, it is also capable of creating, viewing, editing and cleaning up notes, bookmarks, contacts on your iPod. But you do not have to run iTunes.

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