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The -la attributes tells the system to show a detailed list of all files in the folder -l , including hidden files -a. This provides a more detailed list than the Finder and TextEdit method discussed in the previous section. Sometimes apps are installed in locations other than the Applications folder, especially if you download apps from outside the App Store. In this case, you can generate a list of apps installed anywhere for any user and in any folder using a command in the Terminal.

This finds any APP file on your system, ignoring case -iname , and sends the results to the specified text file. You may also see the Not a directory message. This command looks in the Applications folder, then goes into the receipts folder for each app which is in the package contents of every app to see which apps have a receipt from the Mac App Store. The results of the search are listed in the Terminal window. Then you can paste it into a document in TextEdit, or another document app, and save the list. With the four methods we discussed, you could get up to four different lists of apps.

Remember to store your lists of apps on an external or network drive so you have it when setting up your new Mac or the reinstalled system on your current Mac.

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Text files are a good choice of format for your lists. Read More. Explore more about: Your email address will not be published. Great piece, and just what I was looking for as I'm preparing for a re-format, re-install and am trying cover all the bases. A couple of observations: Methods 1 and 4 worked like a charm, but methods 2 and 3 both returned the following string: Automator way is exactly what I needed!

1. List All Apps Using Finder and TextEdit

Is there anyway way to move it up a level? Actually, I solved this myself! If you have more than 5 services, it will nest under the Services subfolder. Go to your system preferences — Keyboard — Keyboard Shortcuts. If you get it under 5 items, they will appear without the context menu. Works perfectly, thanks a lot!

Where Can I Find The Applications Folder On My Mac

If you have Office for Mac , all you have to do is copy command C a file in finder and you can paste a clickable link into Microsoft software. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! A useful tip to create the automator and the process was simple.

Yosemite users special note

However when I paste the link into an email it does not work at all:. It nearly works as expected, but after copying, the file path ends up in the clipboard with colons as path separator, instead of slashes. Worked right away. In my case, I added a keyboard shortcut, it works for files but not folders, I can only copy folder if I right click them. I like the Service option easy to access and copies the full path.

Thank you. The Mac has finally become more cumbersome and flaky than Windows! My work has forced me to take up a Mac again.

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One should greet this with pleasure. It has been nothing but a royal pain. This is a prime example… Why are paths obfuscated? In the [ More Info: How does that get added? Thanks, David. David comment from you might try making another automator workflow that pastes the file: No coding needed. It just requires adding one additional step to the Automator workflow described above. It still works in OS X It now includes useless arrows, instead of the actual path. Has anyone come up with a workaround for this? Ive just bought a Macbook pro, my previous laptop was windows PC which allowed me to copy and paste links to folders into evernote.

Very handy. Thank you for the Copy Path tip! So helpful.

macos - Access Applications directory in Terminal - Ask Different

I had never used Mac Services before and my world was just expanded. Is there a way to place it on the top level context menu the way it is in the screenshot? The easiest way is to drag and drop the file onto a new TextEdit file…. Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited.

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