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I have recommended the products to my friends and family. My daughter had organised to get her makeup done by Elle Gordon in the Aberdeen Store we went and Elle was very professional in what she did, she applied makeup to my daughter and it was so lovely my daughter looked natural rather than cacked on. There was no hard sell! Thanks Elle xxx. I got missed items too, only received Do not buy from them, this is a non ethical practice.

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If you know your company is making mistakes you try to fix them but this situation has been this way for long. My bad for buying mac cosmetics. Despite their poor review on here, I stubbornly proceeded to purchase C8 and NW44 online. I recieved only C8 with a note stating NW44 was also included which wasn't the case.

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Called the CS and they promised to send out NW44 and refund me also to compensate their mistake. Instead I recieved an email stating NW44 was not in stock and cannot be despatched. I will definitely never buy MAC again. Am now all for No. Bought items online at their website. However, there are missing items - one of the missing items is even the most expensive I paid for. Out of 6, only 3 were received. Emailed them twice but no response yet.

They may be dealing with a lot of customers due to missing products in their shipments as well. Hoping they could refund the missing items.

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Really disappointed because it was my first time to order and I already had a bad experience with them. I had a reaction after going to a Mac counter took have my eyes fine for a wedding. My life became itchy layer in the night and the next morning my eyes were swollen and scabbing. This continued for about a month even with treatment. I had makeup dine there on other occasions noon issues. I called customer service to report to incident and got a huge run around. It was suspected the artist most likely used unsanitary brushes.

Customer service sucks at all levels. I have been a customer for at least 10 years and I'm done. I placed an order before the cut off time for their guaranteed delivery before Christmas but the item has failed to arrive. The online chat rep tried to fob me off by saying that there was still time for Royal Mail to deliver it, despite me telling her that my mail had already been delivered for the day, on Christmas Eve.

Not happy at all. Placed order for cosmetics for a Christmas present and it showed in stock with free gift. Order acknowledgement came by email and all seemed good. But, after several days outside their declared delivery commitment still no product and then a MAC package turned up which seem a bit small for what I ordered and when opened found it was only the free gift.

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Sent email to customer services and got automated feedback say they where looking into it and would be in touch. Another two days went by with no response and so sent another email to customer services and got no response at all! The upshot was there was no stock and they where not going to stock again They where very apologetic but could not explain why they took my order, money and sent free gift if they had no stock to satisfy my order. They could not come up with any solution and did not even offer any alternative but just apologies and that they would organise a refund.

To cap it all I have just received a reply to my first email with lots of apologies again from another rep and only offering a refund. What a poor Customer Care process and response. Website is also awful if you are using an IPad - Will not be using again and will have a very disappointed young lady at Christmas who did not get the gift she wanted! The girl who eventually served me was so half arsed. I told her my skin type and she didn't explain any of the foundations just sold me a tube of the pro long wear.

She said to test it on my hand which I did but would have preferred the face but she said the hand will be fine.

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The colour match is accurate but the second I put it on my face it starts separating! I can't wear it at all as it looks patchy and awful. I have tried it with 3 different primers and no primer and separated straight away every time I apply it!

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So hadd I had better customer service and had a trial on my face first as last I would have known this was going to happen and could have saved myself 28 quid! My parcel turned up and low and behold no free mascara. I emailed customer service to be told that they were subject to stock and as they were apparently out of stock when I ordered I would get nothing I ordered within an hour of receiving the email. Firstly I refuse to believe that a deal that was due to run for 2 days could possibly be out of stock within an hour and secondly if that was the case then MAC should have stocked up before offering the deal.

Just a ploy to get people to buy from them with no intentions of actually giving people anything for free. Will not be ordering from MAC again! I tried to cancel my orders three times, first time on thursday after one hour of placing it, they assured me it got cancelled but since I didn't get a refund the next day I contacted them again so they told me it got stuck in the system and the girl promised it will be fixed in two working days, only to be shipped the next monday.

I used the live chat to talked to them, the girl there pretended I never contacted them and the Live chat is only for US cutomers while I made my order on the canadian one. We try to optimize the shipment by repacking it into smaller envelopes when possible. Learn more.

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Virtually combine 2 or more separate packages into 1 single shipment to reduce the charges on international shipping. Stay Connected! Professional, vivid artistry, be sure to browse "Colour Carnival" and "A Fantasy of Flowers" for remarkable quality and colours. Mac Cosmetics USA believes that the act of applying makeup is an art. In order to give your face complete care before and after applying makeup, Mac Cosmetics USA Skincare thought of the makeup removers, moisturizers, solutions, and primers you need to care for your skin. Also be sure to browse Mac Cosmetics USA Nails for a collection of smart, vivid professional nail lacquers and nail care.

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