Kobe beat t mac one on one

Kobe Bryant says he doesn't think anyone can beat him one-on-one because he's Kobe.

Not the same. Afterwards, they wrapped imaginary bars of soap in imaginary socks, and then held her down on the imaginary bed with a make-believe blanket. How far does AAU go back? The biggest difference between AAU then and now is that the summer has more of an influence on college coaches than high school coaches, other than the coaches at these big time high schools.

Kobe: T-Mac did 'everything,' Pierce had great feel for game

In my opinion moreso than not, that is a good thing. Matt Bonner. So Kobe Bryant has beaten the following people 1-on My guess is he probably bases it a bit more on his entire excellent career and all his accomplishments during it, Clown. Interesting that the part that really got him going was the 1-on-1 talk.

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  • Kobe Bryant: "I've never lost 1-on-1 ... I cooked [Tracy McGrady]. Roasted him."!
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Too skilled, athletic, can shoot, D up. Even LBJ fans, counting myself, must admit that in his prime Kobe would beat him, maybe even still today. Still think in old school 5-on-5, actual real basketball games, LBJ is better.

Tracy McGrady denies Kobe's claim that they played one-on-one in Germany.

Game over, with no bickering that prematurely breaks them up. Kobe Bryant: I cooked [Tracy McGrady]. You versus LeBron? Who wins?

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  4. Kobe Bryant: “I’ve never lost 1-on-1 … I cooked [Tracy McGrady]. Roasted him.” | The Big Lead!
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    Kobe reminisces over beating T-Mac in one-on-one, McGrady disapproves - Article - Bardown

    I always wanted to see you play Tracy McGrady. His back bothered him for most of his career. Well, now you know. What about Kyrie Irving? When I was about 20, we were in Germany doing some promotional stuff for that other sneaker company and we played basketball every day.

    Tracy McGrady 'No doubt' Kobe Bryant best player I've faced, including MJ

    We were in the gym all the time. We played three games of one-on-one to I won all three games.

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    One game I won No one in the NBA is playing 1 on 1. Me and KB never went to Germany together either.. Just imagine if we had the footage of the Black Mumba and McGrady, in their respective primes, going at it.

    Kobe Recalls Beating T-Mac 1-on-1, T-Mac Denies It Happened In Hilarious Conversation

    For those unaware, Bryant said via his book, The Mamba Mentality, that McGrady was the hardest player he ever had to guard. Tbt to '98 in Paris with this guy. It was was definitely Paris Kobe, not Germany pic.