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Its value has not been changed, so you will need to search-and-replace your code when using this version of the SDK, but already-compiled plugins will experience no different operation. The documentation has been revised for all headers to revise changes made to the SDK over the course of beta. This became crucial when X-Plane 7's new user interface was released. Please see: For most plugins no developers reported using the deprecated enumerations , a simple search and replace should suffice.

Plugins compiled against the beta 4 SDK that do not use now-unsupported graphics will continue to work correctly.

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DLL as it should be. Starting with beta 3, extra plugins, documentation, sample code, and sample projects are now featured directly on the web in the new X-Plane SDK library. A huge number of data refs have been added. Unfortunately the documentation is thin.

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Use the data ref tester plugin to view the data refs in real time and find what you need. The data ref APIs have also changed to allow for arrays of integers as well as floats. Some sim variables are now arrays that were previously many individual items.

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Toggle navigation. Driver Notes How To.. How to install License. You can hear it! Flexible control Manual joystick and SemiAuto screen pult drive mode. Realistic physics Advanced algorithms to calculate realistic motion. Tow Types: Price not include VAT for your country. Get In Touch with Support If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact support.

X-Plane Linux and Mac support

One way to use the 2. Plugins are DLLs dynamically linked libraries ; while these have different names on different operating systems, the concept is the same: The container types are:. Note that in all of these cases the plugin's extension is dictated by SDK conventions, not the native platform. So a Windows plugin is a DLL with the extension.

A "thin" plugin is the original way of packaging plugins: All auxiliary files image files, etc. Thin plugins are the only packaging supported by the 1.

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Originally thin plugins were just called "plugins". A "fat" plugin is a folder containing one or more plugins. The plugins inside the folder have the specific names win. A fat plugin provides a container format that is portable across multiple operating systems; X-Plane loads only the plugin that is appropriate for the host computer and ignores the rest.

X-Plane Linux and Mac support

The folder can also contain support files, allowing the user to install the plugin by dragging a single folder. Fat plugins require the 2. To build a fat plugin, make sure the actual binary is inside a folder which in turn is inside the plugins folder and that the binary is named win. This is the original way to install a plugin and the only one supported by the 1. Global plugins must be installed directly into the plugins folder which is in turn inside the Resources folder ; sub-folders are not examined.

Only fat plugins can be stored with an aircraft or scenery pack. An Aircraft plugin goes in a "plugins" folder that in turn is inside the root folder of your aircraft package. A scenery plugin goes into a "plugins" folder that in turn is inside hte root folder of your scenery package.

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This section describes some of the issues when compiling plugins. This document is not meant to be substitute for the original documentation for your development tools, nor is it meant to be instructional in this regard.