Mac reinstall os from internet

What is Mac Recovery Mode?

Press and hold Shift-Option-Command-R until a spinning globe appears, then release the keys. This option reinstalls the most recent version of macOS that came with your computer, including any available updates to that version.

Reinstall macOS from the built-in recovery disk on your computer: Press and hold Command-R until the Utilities window appears. Follow the onscreen instructions. Immediately as your Mac restarts, do one of the following: So, give it a try — you can download CleanMyMac X for free. If you do need to reinstall your macOS, Recovery Mode will reboot with the most recent version that has been installed on the computer.

The difference between standard Recovery and Internet Recovery

This is because Internet Recovery uses code embedded into your Mac that includes an image for the appropriate OS. When you begin Internet Recovery, the image is transmitted to the Apple servers to request the correct codes for reinstallation.

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Booting from Internet Recovery takes much longer than a normal partition-based recovery and, naturally, requires an internet connection, so ensure your connection is stable and that you have adequate power keep your Mac charged. If your Mac has been unable to create a partition for the Recovery HD, you will not be able to use normal Recovery Mode. This might be due to damage to the drive or a more serious error in your system.

If your computer is unable to access normal Recovery Mode, it will automatically begin Internet Recovery.

How to start up your Mac in Internet Recovery Mode

If you have a working recovery partition, you will not be able to access internet Recovery Mode. For both recovery modes, you will need enough power to see you through the process as well as your Apple ID to reinstall macOS. To start your Mac in Recovery Mode, first, if your Mac is turned off, switch it on. You can only use Recovery Mode from the startup drive.

If you have a working recovery partition, you will enter the normal Recovery Mode.

Things you can do in Internet Recovery Mode

Select Reinstall macOS. From there, your Mac will be cleared and rebooted with the latest version of macOS that had been installed on it.

How to start up your Mac in Recovery Mode

Turn on your Mac or restart it as with normal Recovery Mode. As soon as you hear the startup chime, press and hold Command?

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After a few seconds, a globe will appear onscreen with the text: Starting Internet Recovery. This may take a while.

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You will then be given a network list to choose your internet connection for the download.