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In our tests, we actually got a little more than that, nits. The new MacBook Airs promise maximum nits of Best laptop for students.

MacBook Air vs. MacBook Pro: Which is Better for Business?

Ever wanted to quick access to emojis instead of having dedicated Function Keys? View now: MacBook Pro at Tesco. Best Intel processor. Storage options vary greatly depending on the size and in one case the CPU model you opt for. You can double that storage if you fancy, though. On paper, the new MacBook Pros give you over 10 hours of video playback time and 10 hours of general use. In tests, we found that the inch version with the Intel iU, would give you roughly seven hours of video playback and six hours of power for everyday use.

MacBook Pro vs MacBook Air: Which should you buy?

That said, with the less demanding processor, the new Air should, in theory, give you more miles to the gallon than the MacBook Pros do. These are compatible with Thunderbolt too, so all your displays will still work, and high data transfer rates up to 40Gbps mean you can have all of your data, display and power needs handled by one connection.

While there are more Thunderbolt-compatible monitors, drives and dongles available than ever before, the shift to Thunderbolt and the dongle life will still likely be a pain for some. What is USB-C? So whether you go for a Pro or an Air, either way, one of your ports will almost always be dedicated to supplying the juice. The lack of a microSD card reader, let alone an SD card reader, is also pretty painful. If this is you, you should pick a MacBook Air over a Pro.

That said, given that the whole Air ethos is about being slim, light and portable, well, the new MacBook Pros are that, too.

It’s way more expensive than the old MacBook Air

Home Opinion. But this is largely down to using a lower power processor than the MacBook Pro.


The new MacBook Air is only available with a dual-core 1. This is more powerful than than the Intel Core m3 chip in the inch MacBook, but it can't touch the full-power chips found in the Pro range.

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For example, an entry-level MacBook Pro comes with a dual-core 2. The MacBook Pros also have a much larger cache ultra-fast memory embedded on the CPU for reducing bottlenecks, and faster graphics. Benchmarks are needed to put this difference into context, but even a basic MacBook Pro will be noticeably faster than a MacBook Air.

If you do a reasonable amount of photo or video editing, the MacBook Pro is still the obvious choice.

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The new model is only around two centimetres narrower and grams lighter. The inch MacBook is the featherweight of the range at just grams. If you really want something ultra-light for general use, one of the new iPad Pros could well be a more sensible option. It should handle light photo editing just fine and will zip along at ample speed for everyday use, but it will struggle with chunky tasks such as advanced photo and video editing, and might falter if you're in the habit of running dozens of browser tabs at the same time.

Battery life, while less than the MacBook Air, is still very good. By Alexandra Simon-Lewis.

By Victoria Woollaston. By Oliver Franklin-Wallis. Wednesday briefing: